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Are you in search of an Au Pair who can drive?  Do you need your Au Pair to use your vehicle to shuttle kids from various activities, school and playdates?  One of the benefits of an Au Pair over a live-in caregiver is that most Au Pairs have drivers licenses from their home countries.  A […]

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When should I begin searching for my Au Pair? We often get asked by families when they should start searching for their Au Pair.  For the sole reason of preparing your Au Pair for the Visa application process we always recommend searching for your Au Pair in November/December and thus ensuring your Au Pair has […]

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The first few weeks of a having a new Au Pair in your home is a major time of adjustment for everyone involved. Not only does the Au Pair have to settle into her new (and foreign!) surroundings whilst learning the ‘ropes’ of their new family, but also the host family is learning how to […]

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At Canadian Au Pair Solutions we believe in being smart about hosting an Au Pair and doing everything “by the book.”  This means making sure your Au Pair has the appropriate Visa to work in Canada, registering as an employer, submitting payroll remittances, following the labor standards of your province and adhering by provincial legislation […]

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