Who will care for my children before and after school?

Many families are facing the question of how to care for their children in the few hours before and after school.  It is tough to find someone who is willing to work a split shift or who will work only 3-5 hours per day.  Before and after-school care in licensed care centers ranges from $350-$400 per month per child.  If you have multiple children this is big monthly expense.   Not to mention the fact that many facilities have lengthy wait lists and/or do not shuttle your children to and from activities.

An Au Pair is the solution for Before and After School care.  Many Au Pairs jump at the chance to work a 20-25 hour work week as it gives them free time to enjoy their new environment and make friends.  Another great benefit of an Au Pair is her ability to also act as a tutor and help your children with their homework, all before you get home from work!  Most Au Pairs are capable of helping kids in grades 1-7 with the school work they bring home. Many Au Pairs also are able to drive your children to activities and assist with dinner preparation for the kids.