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Becoming an “Employer”

$$$ – The Stuff We Don’t Like to Think About…

Money and a sootherUnfortunately, regardless whether you choose an Au Pair or a Nanny, you instantly become an “employer” and are responsible for submitting payroll deductions to Revenue Canada.  We do not recommend hiring anyone “under the table” as there are really no financial benefits and it could in fact end up costing you much more in the end.  We have knowledge of many families who have hired Au Pairs without Visas who have been turned away from Canada at the border.   Don’t be discouraged however, as the process is not difficult and we will walk you through each step.  This is also an absolute necessity if you claim childcare expenses on your tax return.  If your Au Pair does not have a Social Insurance Number and does not have a work permit, you cannot claim the Au Pair’s salary as childcare expenses.

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