Is the Au Pair option the childcare solution for us?

Is an Au Pair the childcare solution for us? Are you wondering whether an Au Pair is a good option for your family?  Here are some important things to consider before committing to hosting an Au Pair. First and foremost, you are welcoming into your home a soon-to-be extended member of the family.  Your Au (more…)

Au Pair Confidential

Au Pair Confidential Should you have a confidentiality agreement in your Au Pair Contract? Confidentiality agreements are not solely for employees of celebrities or the super wealthy. They are an effective tool for protecting anyone’s privacy, including conversations about sensitive work or family matters. By proactively addressing these matters and providing guidelines and concrete examples, a confidentiality agreement can (more…)

Reaching out to your Au Pair’s immediate family

Is it appropriate to reach out to your Au Pair’s immediate family? What are the benefits of communicating with your prospective Au Pair’s family during the interview phase? Given that Au Pairs seeking to come to Canada are adults, you technically shouldn’t need to speak with their family.  However over the years we have come (more…)