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Childcare – One of the biggest concerns for young families in Canada Canadian families are sliding into a childcare crevasse.  From Victoria to Halifax, dual income families are scrambling to find childcare that suits their hectic schedules and doesn’t break the bank.  With the exception of Quebec, there are no provincial or federal childcare options or […]

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Reaching out to your Au Pair’s immediate family


Is it appropriate to reach out to your Au Pair’s immediate family? What are the benefits of communicating with your prospective Au Pair’s family during the interview phase? Given that Au Pairs seeking to come to Canada are adults, you technically shouldn’t need to speak with their family.  However over the years we have come […]

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Why Au Pairs Quit


Why do Au Pairs Quit? Today’s blog post discusses some of top reasons why Au Pairs quit and leave their host families. Here are some things to be conscious of and to avoid. Lack of Communication We’ve said it time and time again: one of the key factors in a successful Au Pair/Host Family arrangement […]

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Guest Post: A First Time Host Family Details Their Experience Hosting an Au Pair


  Canadian Au Pair Solutions would like to thank Allison for sharing her journey as a first time host family.  Hopefully her experience will help families who are considering hiring an Au Pair in the near future.   Are you considering an au pair but not convinced it’s for you? As we approach the end of […]

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