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Membership Level buy cheap viagra online canadian pharmacy

You have selected the Document Library membership level.

If you are a seasoned Au Pair family or simply do not believe you need access to our Membership pages you may purchase access to our Document Library.  The Document Library includes multiple sample Au Pair contracts, sample letters, sample family profile, reference examples for families, sample interview questions, guides for submitting payroll remittances to CRA as well as registering for a Business Number, and much more.   This document library will give you unrestricted access for 6 months.

The price for membership is $99.00 now.

Membership expires after 6 Months.

Do you have a discount code? buy viagra online cheap.

Account Information Already have an account? buy viagra online cheap uk


Billing Address

Shipping Address

Payment Information We Accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express

(buy viagra online reviews)

Terms of Use

Buy viagra online canadian, Online viagra sales canada

Listed below are the General Terms of Use for our website.  Please read the Terms carefully and acknowledge all of the information provided for you.  If you have any further questions about our Terms feel free to contact us and we will provide you with any further information you require.

YOU MUST READ THE CANADIAN AU PAIR SOLUTIONS TERMS OF USE CAREFULLY. These Terms of Use set out the Agreement for your use of Canadian Au Pair Solution’s Website and this Agreement is legally binding. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO ALL OF THESE TERMS OF USE, DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE AND ITS SERVICES.

Buy viagra online canadian, Online viagra sales canada

General Terms

Canadian Au Pair Solutions provides this Website to you subject to these Terms of Use. These Terms of Use are entered into, by and between Canadian Au Pair Solutions and you, and you accept them by: (a) registering as a subscriber to this Website, (b) purchasing a membership through this Website; (c) using the Website in any other manner; and/or (d) acknowledging agreement with these Terms of Use.

Canadian Au Pair Solutions may, at its sole discretion, revise these Terms of Use from time to time without notice and you agree to be bound by such modification or revisions. You should visit this page periodically to review these Terms of Use.

You hereby release Canadian Au Pair Solutions and its officers from any damage you may incur, and agree not to assert any claims against them, arising from any purchase or use of products, services or information made available through this website or by third parties through the website.

To use certain features of this website, you will be asked to register with the website and agree

(i) to provide true and accurate, current and complete information about yourself and be prompted by any registration form; and

(ii) to maintain and promptly update the information you provide to keep it true, accurate, current and complete. If Canadian Au Pair Solutions has reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate not current or incomplete, Canadian Au Pair Solutions has the right to suspend or terminate your access to the website.  You will not be refunded your registration fee.  Canadian Au Pair Solutions' use of any personally identified information you provide as part of the registration process is governed by the terms of the Canadian Au Pair Solutions' Privacy Policy.

To use certain features of the web site, you will need a username and password which you will create through the registration process. You are responsible for monitoring the confidentiality of the password and username. You agree to notify Canadian Au Pair Solutions immediately if there is an unauthorized use of your password or username or any other breach of security.  The sharing of your username and password is strictly forbidden.  Canadian Au Pair Solutions may monitor the IP used during the log-in process and if there is any concern that an unregistered party has been granted access to the secure portion of the website, the registered party’s registration will be suspended pending a review.

You understand that the intent of this website is to provide you with information and guidance. Canadian Au Pair Solutions is a consulting service.  This is not a site that will offer you a selection of Au Pairs to choose from or the ability to create a family profile.  Canadian Au Pair Solutions is not an agency.  This is not a profile "matching" website.

Intellectual Property and Member Conduct

You should assume that all content within this website is copyrighted whether or not so indicated.  Images and documents contained on the site are the property of  Canadian Au Pair Solutions and may not be used without permission or as expressly allowed by written authorization.

You may use documents you obtain from this website solely for informational, non-commercial and personal use onlyThe sharing of the documents located in the Document Library with non-members is strictly forbidden.  You may not post these documents on any network computer or broadcast them in any media.  Use of these documents for any other purpose is prohibited and may result in  civil and/or criminal penalties.  The unauthorized sharing of any documents obtained through a membership with Canadian Au Pair Solutions may result in termination of the membership without refund of the original membership fee.

You agree that if you are the Owner or Employee of a commercial entity that stands to make financial or other gain not approved by Canadian Au Pair Solutions by using the website or uses the website for any commercial solicitation purposes not approved by Canadian Au Pair Solutions, your registration on the website is contrary to the Terms of Use and may result in legal action.

You must not remove or modify any copyright or trademark notice, or other notice of ownership. Any such action is contrary to the Terms of Use and may result in legal action.

Canadian Au Pair Solutions trademarks refers to all names, marks, brands, logos, designs, slogans and other designations Canadian Au Pair Solutions uses in connection with its services. You may not remove or alter any Canadian Au Pair Solutions Trademarks, or co-brand your own products or material with Canadian Au Pair Solutions trademarks, without Canadian Au Pair Solution's prior written consent. You agree not to incorporate any Canadian Au Pair Solutions Trademarks into your trademarks, service marks, company names, Internet addresses, domain names, or any other similar designations, for use on or in connection with computer or Internet-related products, services or technologies.

Billing and Refunds

You agree to pay to Canadian Au Pair Solutions all charges associated with the website membership depending on the services selected as described on the website at the time you provided payment information. You acknowledge and agree that the description of the purchase is available to you immediately upon completion of your purchase and that your right to withdraw your purchase is lost once your purchase is completed.

You authorize Canadian Au Pair Solutions to charge your chosen payment provider according to the amount selected by you.

Canadian Au Pair Solutions does not as a general rule provide refunds. However, Canadian Au Pair Solutions may in its sole discretion issue refunds when it believes they are warranted. If you, the buyer, wish to cancel your membership purchase, you have 1 hour from time of purchase to notify Canadian Au Pair Solutions of your refund request as well as your reason for review (we must do this so as to protect ourselves from those who wish to use our intellectual property without paying for it). If it is determined that your reason for requesting a refund is reasonable, Canadian Au Pair Solutions will refund your membership fee but a $15 fee will be retained to cover the financial services charge for processing the transaction reversal.  PayPal charges us a percentage of every transaction and we need to account for this, hence the fee.

Website Content and Links

The information contained on the web site is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be the sole source which you rely on to make legal, accounting, tax, investment, medical or employment decisions.  Independent verification of information is a requirement and it is solely the responsibility of the web site user.

Information provided on this website is believed to be accurate when placed on the website, but there is no guarantee that it is current, accurate, or complete. We make every effort to update our information as soon as possible.  Information contained within the website may be changed or updated without prior notification. Information and materials, including documents and graphics that are accessible through Canadian Au Pair Solutions' web site are for general informational purposes only and are provided without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied.

Canadian Au Pair Solutions does not make any representations about any other website that you may access through links contained in this website. In the event you access a non Canadian Au Pair Solutions website, please understand that such a site is independent from the Canadian Au Pair Solutions website and that we have no control over the material that is contained on that website. Canadian Au Pair Solutions may condition access to its site on such terms and conditions as it deems appropriate. Links are provided for your convenience and general information, but inclusion of a link on our website does not in any way imply endorsement of the material contained within that site, nor are we responsible for the content found on any third-party website.

Any information that you may send to Canadian Au Pair Solutions via the Canadian Au Pair Solutions website will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary. We reserve the right to maintain, copy, use, record, store and disseminate any information given to us by you for internal purposes in compliance with applicable law.  Additionally, Canadian Au Pair Solutions reserves the right to disclose the information as required by law.

Communications made through the web site's e-mail system is for convenience only and shall in no way be deemed to constitute legal notice to Canadian Au Pair Solutions or its officers relative to any claim or cause of action against Canadian Au Pair Solutions or any of its officers where notice is required by any federal, provincial or municipal laws, rules, or regulations.

You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Canadian Au Pair Solutions and its officers from and against any liability, loss, demand, action, cost, expense, or claim of any kind, including but not limited to lawyer's fees, relating in any way to your use of the contents, services or products provided by this site.

By becoming a member of this website, you acknowledge you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these Terms of Use.


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