We understand that purchasing a membership is the biggest commitment and cost in your search for the perfect Au Pair.  For this reason, we are committed to giving you the best service and providing you with the most current information.

We have received overwhelming positive feedback from those we have guided through the process and we are 100% confident that the service we provide will help all Canadian families from Victoria, BC to Halifax, Nova Scotia.  If for any reason you have any concerns about your membership or you are not satisfied with our service, please email us and we will do everything we can to maintain a positive relationship with you, our client.

Our Basic Membership package grants access to our Toolbox (see the Toolbox for more details regarding the information contained within our member-access-only pages) This package is for anyone who wants to view and learn from our Membership Pages but does not require document assistance or personal email assistance from Canadian Au Pair Solutions. This is a 6 month membership.

Our Premium Membership package includes full access to our Toolbox, (see the Toolbox for more details regarding the information contained within our member-access-only pages).  This membership included access to the Document Library and ALSO includes 10 personal emails with assistance from Canadian Au Pair Solutions.  This is a 1 year membership.

The Platinum Membership package is designed for those parents who want one on one consultation as well as ongoing support throughout the calendar year before and after their Au Pair arrives.  This membership includes complete access to the content of our Toolbox, (see the Toolbox for more details regarding the information contained within our member-access-only pages).  You will also have full access to our Document Library and we will provide you with 2 x 30 minute Skype or telephone consultations as well as unlimited personal emails to our consultants.  We will help you through all aspects of the Au Pair hiring process as well as troubleshoot with you if you are having any concerns with your Au Pair upon her arrival.  No call is too small and we are here to help.  This is an 18 month membership.

If you are a seasoned Au Pair family or simply do not believe you need access to our Membership Pages/Toolbox, you may purchase access to our Document Library.  The Document Library includes multiple sample Au Pair contracts, sample letters, sample family profile, reference examples for families, sample interview questions, guides for submitting payroll remittances to CRA as well as registering for a Business Number, and much more.   This package may also be useful to those families who have purchased a Basic Membership and wish to upgrade.  The Document Library purchase will give you access for 12 months.

Our Basic + Document Library Membership includes full access to the toolbox and our popular Document Library which includes sample contracts/guides, interview questionnaires etc… This membership level does not provide one-on-one consultation like our Premium or Platinum Memberships.  This is a 12 month membership.

Membership upgrades are possible if you change your mind at a later date or decide to add to your chosen package.  Please email us if you require more consultation or wish to upgrade your current membership.

We offer an add-on email package for users who have used up their e-mail quota allotted in the Premium Membership.  The rate for the add-on package is $50 for 5 additional emails or $90 for 10 additional emails.  Contact us if this add-on is of interest to you and we will invoice you through PayPal.

We also offer a renewal program for families whose membership has expired but wish to renew access to our exclusive blog posts or up-to-date members-only pages.  For $49 we give you an 3 month membership you can add on anytime after the membership expires.  Email us if you are considering a renewal.

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