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Why do Au Pairs Quit? Today’s blog post discusses some of top reasons why Au Pairs quit and leave their host families. Here are some things to be conscious of and to avoid. Lack of Communication We’ve said it time and time again: one of the key factors in a successful Au Pair/Host Family arrangement […]

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  Canadian Au Pair Solutions would like to thank Allison for sharing her journey as a first time host family.  Hopefully her experience will help families who are considering hiring an Au Pair in the near future.   Are you considering an au pair but not convinced it’s for you? As we approach the end of […]

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Canadian Families Should Seek Canadian Advice At Canadian Au Pair Solutions, Michelle and I often are asked questions about Canada’s “Au Pair Program” and how Canada differs from other nations with respect to the hiring of Au Pairs. The truth is, Canada does not have an official Au Pair Program.  Unlike the United States which […]

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This past weekend, Michelle and I spent a lot of time speaking with families at the Vancouver Baby and Family Fair.  We met many wonderful people and we enjoyed explaining the Au Pair process to curious and interested parents.  What I gained from the experience was an even greater appreciation of how rich my family […]

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