Can My Au Pair Extend Her Stay?

My Au Pair’s Working Holiday Visa is due to expire and she wants to extend her stay… We have had a number of families ask us if their Au Pair can extend her Visa or stay beyond her Visa expiration.  Wouldn’t this be lovely if International Experience Canada allowed back to back Working Holiday Visas? (more…)

The Importance of Host Family References

Imagine you are an Au Pair (or perhaps you are an Au Pair).  Wouldn’t you like to see letters of reference for potential Host Families, just as Host Families expect to see a number of written references for their Au Pairs? The Importance of References  Just Ask! Requesting or offering references is an important step in (more…)

5 Common Mistakes Host Families Make

5 Common Mistakes Au Pair Host Families Make How to avoid the pitfalls some host families have faced At Canadian Au Pair Solutions we receive urgent emails from time to time where the subject line reads “Help!”  Host families who were unfamiliar with our services or chose to “go it alone” without our help have reached out (more…)

Compensating Your Au Pair

Compensating Your Au Pair in Canada: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS POCKET MONEY! We’ve been hearing too frequently lately from “experienced” host families who have never issued a pay stub or remitted to Revenue Canada… not to mention the families who still think that compensating their beloved Au Pair with “pocket money” is fair and reasonable.  Say what?????  Families and Au (more…)