Reputable Canadian Advice

Canadian Families Should Seek Canadian Advice At Canadian Au Pair Solutions, Michelle and I often are asked questions about Canada’s “Au Pair Program” and how Canada differs from other nations with respect to the hiring of Au Pairs. The truth is, Canada does not have an official Au Pair Program.  Unlike the United States which (more…)

Vacationing With Your Au Pair

What are the expectations regarding taking your Au Pair on vacation with the family?  Many families choose to take their Au Pair with them on vacations.  Imagine a family vacation with an extra set of hands to help with the airport chaos or to assist at the beach and around the pool.  Imagine a ski holiday where you (more…)

The best time to search for an Au Pair

When should I begin searching for my Au Pair? We often get asked by families when they should start searching for their Au Pair.  For the sole reason of preparing your Au Pair for the Visa application process we always recommend searching for your Au Pair in November/December and thus ensuring your Au Pair has (more…)