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Your Legal Responsibilities when Hosting an Au Pair It’s been a while since we wrote a blog about the legal responsibilities of hosting an Au Pair.  From time to time we see a wave of host families commenting on social media about the “pocket money” they pay their Au Pair or the Au Pair who […]

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5 Common Mistakes Au Pair Host Families Make How to avoid the pitfalls some host families have faced At Canadian Au Pair Solutions we receive urgent emails from time to time where the subject line reads “Help!”  Host families who were unfamiliar with our services or chose to “go it alone” without our help have reached out […]

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Compensating Your Au Pair in Canada: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS POCKET MONEY! We’ve been hearing too frequently lately from “experienced” host families who have never issued a pay stub or remitted to Revenue Canada… not to mention the families who still think that compensating their beloved Au Pair with “pocket money” is fair and reasonable.  Say what?????  Families and Au […]

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At Canadian Au Pair Solutions we believe in being smart about hosting an Au Pair and doing everything “by the book.”  This means making sure your Au Pair has the appropriate Visa to work in Canada, registering as an employer, submitting payroll remittances, following the labor standards of your province and adhering by provincial legislation […]

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