COVID19 has created all sorts of troubles and delays for Canadian Host Families and Au Pairs. From flight cancelations to quarantines and Visa processing holds… here is some information to help you navigate through these strange times.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada has opened the International Experience Canada program for 2022. The process is requiring that applicants have a valid job offer as part of the approval process OR (as of recently) your Au Pair have proof of double vaccination. This means that families will need to offer employment to Au Pairs in order for the Visa process to be successful OR she will need to be double vaccinated upon entering Canada.

Your Au Pair will also need to prove a negative COVID19 test prior to boarding her flight to Canada and needs to have the AriveCan app downloaded.

Here is what the Au Pair will need to enter Canada:

  • POE letter & extension (if issued)
  • A written & signed job offer (based off of your Au Pair contract). This should provide ALL contact info, address, phone #, payroll number, hours of work, hourly pay, general job description, duration of employment. You must be able to demonstrate you are a legitimate employer in your job offer. No cash, under the table, weekly allowance, tax-free payments etc…. OR proof of vaccination
  • Proof of Insurance.
  • Proof of Funds.
  • Canadian Government website info re: Covid restrictions, entry to Canada, quarantine requirements etc…
  • Proof of Medical Examination (the Au Pair should have had a Panel Exam done with results uploaded by the physician to IRC).

Canadian Au Pair Solutions has contracts, job offers and sample quarantine plans in our Document Library if you are looking to purchase a membership. Please email us if you would like more information.

Here is the link to the Coronavirus/IEC website for updates.